17 Wild Metallics Eyes Cream Eyeshadows

Today I’m going to be telling you about the 17 Wild Metallics Eyes cream eyeshadows. I have two, in shades Wild Nude and Wild Bronze. I like the leopard print detailing on the lid of the products as I think it matches with the name of the product well. I also think quite a good amount of product has been provided especially for the affordable price of £3.99! 

Wild Nude, shown on the left, is a cool toned light brown colour that is great for creating a very natural everyday eye look. Wild Bronze, shown on the right, is a warm toned bronze colour that can be used for creating an everyday eye look with a bit more definition as the colour is slightly more bold than Wild Nude. Both of these products provide a gorgeous metallic effect which I absolutely love and are amazingly pigmented. The texture of these products are very smooth and creamy and glide onto the eyelids very easily. I personally prefer to use my finger to apply them to my eyelids because it provides better pigmentation and I find it much easier to blend the product this way.

You can use these cream eyeshadows as a base before using powder eyeshadow or you can simply wear them on their own. If you do choose to wear them on their own, as they are a cream formula, they will crease after wearing them for a while however if you use a primer you will probably be able to get a bit more wear out of them before they start to crease. I tend to wear these cream eyeshadows with a light dusting of powder eyeshadow over the top to intensify the colour of the product but still being able to see the metallic effect the product provides showing through. Applying powder eyeshadow on top will also help your eye makeup to stay on much longer whilst providing an amazingly pigmented base! I have provided swatches in the picture above to show you what the products look like on the skin, with Wild Nude on the left and Wild Bronze on the right.

Have you tried any of the 17 Wild Metallics Eyes Cream Eyeshadows?