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Friday, 29 April 2016

The Monthly Catch Up: April

So, it's that time again. Time to share what I've got up to this month with all of you! I got a lot of lovely feedback on my first post in my little monthly catch up series, so it's something I definitely want to try and continue, as I really enjoyed writing it too. You may or may not have noticed that I've been quite absent on my blog throughout the month of April - let's say it's been a busy month for me!

April kicked off with my brother's birthday on April Fools Day, followed by my boyfriend Aaron's birthday on the 3rd. My family, Aaron and I went out for an amazing meal at TGI's for my brother's birthday, which was so so yummy. For Aaron's birthday, we spent his actual birthday at a driving range, which was really fun (even though I was awful at it) and then had a lovely meal at Pizza Express. However, the best part about his birthday was my present to him - tickets to The Warner Bros Making Of Harry Potter Studio Tour. He's a massive fan of Harry Potter, and we watched all of the HP films together over Christmas, so I couldn't think of a more perfect gift. It was amazing and so interesting to see the actual props, sets and costumes all in real life. We can't watch the films in the same way anymore!

All of the fun was then followed by going back to university for my final semester of first year. I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone! Being back at uni meant I had tests and assignments to do, which of course I had to prioritise over blogging, as I'm sure you can all understand. I've only got one assignment and an exam left and then first year will be over and done with!

I also got a new job. I left my old job around two and a half months ago, so I'm pretty proud of myself for managing to find a new one so quickly. Finding another job was something I was pretty sceptical about, especially due to uni and long distance relationship commitments. I went to an interview, where I was told that they were seeing applicants for the position all day, and to my surprise the next day they phoned me up and offered me the job, out of everyone else! I was pretty chuffed. I had my first proper 9-5 shift last Saturday, which went well and I hope it continues to go well.

One of the most exciting things I have done this month is book a holiday with Aaron. It's going to be our first holiday abroad together, and we are both so so excited. I can't wait to have a week away together, just the two of us, in the sun, relaxing all day long. We also fly home on our one year anniversary of being together, n'awww how cute. Definitely going to need to take lots and lots of photos - both for memories and for a blog post!

This month has also seen the start of some lovely weather here in the UK. It's still a little on and off, however the sunny days that we have had have been gorgeous. I've been spending a lot of time down the beach going for walks and for fish and chips with Aaron, and it really makes me appreciate how lucky I am to live where I live. My Mum actually took the photo in this post down at the beach, which we are lucky enough to live ten minutes away from, as she's been embracing the gorgeous weather too. I love this photo so much and couldn't resist sharing it as it's one of my favourite photos from April, so thanks Mum!

What have you been up to during April? 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Barely There Spring Makeup Look

Switching up my makeup routine is something I love to do when the seasons change. Spring is pretty much here 90% of the time here in the UK, the weather still can't seem to make up its mind, so on the warmer days that we have been lucky enough to get, I have been leaning towards a more natural fresh glowy look. This look is perfect for when I'm not feeling like wearing a ton of makeup, as it's so natural however still looks like you've put in a little bit of effort. 

Also, before we delve into this post, I'm so sorry for not posting as regularly in April. I've been so busy spending time with my boyfriend whilst he was home for Easter, and not to mention kick-starting my final semester of my first year at university with some oh so fun assignments. In just under two months I will be free for the summer, and I can't wait to start posting more regularly then, so just hang in there! 

So, for my base, I have been adoring the No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser in Fair. This product is absolutely gorgeous and so beautifully hydrating it's unreal. Even though I'm a brush gal all the way when it comes to applying foundation, I find that this product works so much better when applied with my fingers, as it just blends so much more seamlessly and I can really work it in to get a natural, glowy finish. It helps to even out my skin tone, however still lets some of my natural complexion show through, helping the look to stay fresh and effortless. 

Bronzing and highlighting are both musts in my makeup routine. To add some structure and to generally bronze up my skin, I use my Benefit Hoola Bronzer, which, as you are probably aware, I absolutely adore. It blends so nicely into the skin and is the perfect shade to give the appearance of a natural tan. For highlighting, I use Benefit High Beam. A liquid highlighter like this is perfect for this sort of look, plus it's the most beautiful pearly pink shade and gives such an amazing dewy glow to the cheekbones. 

To keep it natural, I use an eyebrow pencil to lightly fill in my brows. The one I have is the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel, which is great to give a little bit of shape to the brows without going all out. For my lashes, I use one of my favourite mascaras, which is the Maybelline Great Lash BIG Mascara in Blackest Black. This mascara lasts so well on my lashes and really makes my lashes look amazing, trust me. 

To finish the look, I use the Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya - massive throwback to when there was a huge hype over these! I personally still really like the lip butters, I only own two, but I think the formula is so lovely. They are, as the name suggests, buttery soft and so nourishing, making them perfect for this look. This shade is a gorgeous sheer peachy pink, which is perfect for spring and adds a great pop of colour to the lips, whilst still keeps things looking natural. 

What makeup are you wearing this spring? Are you into a 'barely there' makeup look for spring and summer?

Monday, 11 April 2016

A Revlon Rediscovery

Every so often I rummage through my makeup drawer and find something I forgot I even had. Recently I rediscovered an old favourite of mine, which is the Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Palette in Adventurous. I picked it out of my drawer the other week whilst doing my makeup and thought why not give it a whirl for old times' sake?

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Look Great When Working Out with Pink Soda Sport*

I'd seen and admired the Pink Soda Sport women's active line in the JD shop window many times, so when I was very kindly contacted and asked if I'd like to try five pieces from the second collection, I jumped at the chance. The first collection launched in January and was a huge success, therefore some of the pieces in the second collection have been progressively styled from the first collection's best sellers, so you're bound to find something you like. In my opinion, this range probably features some of the prettiest and most on trend workout clothing I have ever seen - don't you agree?

The five pieces I chose are the Panel Tank (£15), Reversible Sports Bra (£18), Printed 2 in 1 Vest (£25), Panel Joggers (£25) and the Capri Leggings (£25). I absolutely adore all of them. The fabrics are so comfortable to wear, and you just can't fault the design one bit. I love the pops of colour in this collection; it's bang on trend ready for spring and just feels so girly and pretty compared to other workout clothing on the market. My favourite pieces have to be The 2 in 1 Vest and the Capri Leggings as they just look so amazing together. When I tried them both on together I didn't want to take them off! Another special mention has to go to the Panel Joggers. These would be great for travelling to and from the gym, and not to mention for lounging around the house. They are ridiculously soft and warm, and it's safe to say I have been living in these since I received them.

The pieces also have some really cool features incorporated into them. The Reversible Sports Bra, located top middle, is of course, as the name states, reversible. So, you can either wear it one way and wear it black, or turn it inside out and wear it pink. That means you technically have two crop tops in one, how cool is that? Speaking of two in one, the 2 in 1 Vest comes with a detachable sports bra and of course the gorgeous bright coral vest, which is lightweight and oh so comfortable. These two look amazing together and provide a great contrast of colours and prints, however you can wear this sports bra with one of the other vests or tanks from the range too if you prefer, so you're really getting your money's worth. Also, the Capri Leggings have a safe and secure pocket, which is perfect for popping away headphones whilst you're in the gym or out for a run. 

I cannot recommend this range enough. It's comfy, trendy and actually pretty affordable for such beautiful and high quality clothing. Be sure to check out the new Pink Soda Sport collection, sold exclusively at JD, here

Have you tried any of the pieces from the Pink Soda Sport range? If not, will you be trying them out soon?

These items were sent to me to review, however all opinions remain my own. See my disclaimer for more information.
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