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Friday, 3 August 2018

The Eye Primer You Need In Your Life

Every eyeshadow junkie can appreciate the power of a good primer. After discovering this one, I won't be going back!

Often I find matte eyeshadows to last a lot longer on my eyes than shimmers, so I was really on the hunt for a primer that could make the shimmer on my lid really pop. Whilst browsing YouTube and the Boots website for reviews, I came across the NYX Glitter Primer. As the name suggests, it is intended for loose glitter, which I don't really use too often, only for special occasions. But I'd seen a lot of people talking about how it also works wonders for their shimmer eyeshadows. So, I decided to give it a try. 

I definitely wouldn't say this is a primer for all over the eye i.e. to use as a base before blending your matte shadows over top. This primer is very sticky (which is a good thing as it helps to keep loose glitter/shimmer all in one place), and therefore isn't designed to have matte eyeshadows blended seamlessly on top of it, as it just creates a huge unblendable mess. What I like to do is apply all of my matte shadows into my crease, then go ahead and pop a tiny bit of this on ONLY my lids using my finger, trying my very best not to touch my matte shadows. 

You get 10ml in the tube for £8.00 and for me this goes such a long way. I've had it for over a year now and I've still got loads left! You only need the smallest amount of product for both eyes, I'd say around the size of one sesame seed. 

Top: Makeup Geek 'Nostalgic' Foiled Shadow | Bottom: Makeup Geek 'Nostalgic' Foiled Shadow with NYX Glitter Primer
This primer makes any shimmer eyeshadow or loose glitter pop in an instant. It really helps the shadow to stick to the lid, making sure all of those shimmery particles stick together to make a more intense impact. As you can see from the swatch above (well I hope you can see a difference!), the swatch with the NYX Glitter Primer looks a lot more vibrant and metallic. It also means you end up using less of your eyeshadow, as you're not trying to build it up over a couple of layers to create that bold shimmery look. 

Not only does it make eyeshadows and glitters more visible, it also helps them to last so much longer too. Because it really does stick your shadow to your lid, it isn't going anywhere in a hurry! If I use this primer before a night out, I can guarantee my shimmer shadows/glitter still look pretty bomb by the time I get home. 

If you're like me and don't use loose glitter all the time but want to amp up your shimmer shadows, then definitely still give this a go! 

Have you tried the NYX Glitter Primer? What's your favourite eye primer? 



  1. Ahh I really need a new eyeshadow primer and I'm reluctant to repurchase my UD one because so expensive! I'm gonna pick this up for sure!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. This primer looks beautiful and love how it works good! Xx


  3. This primer looks and sounds so good! I love working with shimmery shadows and it can be such a pain when they wear quickly. But this primer does sound really helpful in keeping your shadows lasting a long amount of time. I'll have to check it out when I next pop into Boots xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

  4. Wow it makes such a difference! Plus that shadow shade is so pretty! I have only used an essence eye primer which is amazing but I'm definitely going to try this one.



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