3 Things To Know Before Your First Bra Fitting

Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Bra Fitting

It’s been a little while since my last blog post, so hello! Final year is definitely hitting me hard. I’m still posting over on my Instagram quite regularly, but finding the time to write blog posts and schedule tweets is definitely more time-consuming.

Anyway! As part of my role as a Boux Avenue Student Ambassador, I was invited to the store I’m representing, at West Quay in Southampton, for a bra fitting.

This was actually my first bra fitting ever, so I didn’t really know what to expect. So, I thought I’d put together this quick little blog post about things I wish I knew before I went. I wish I had a post like this to read before I went, so I thought this would be helpful for any of you who might be considering getting a bra fitting.

You will not be judged one bit!

As I mentioned, I was so ridiculously nervous, but the experience is totally relaxed and actually made me feel really special. It was a real treat. Also, fitting bras is their job! It’s not out of the ordinary for them to be seeing someone in their bra. Every girl is bound to feel a bit nervous about someone new seeing them in their bra, but trust me, the Boux girls were really lovely. I had a girl called Charley fit me, and she was so kind and really put me at ease.

You don’t have to take your bra off

I feel like this is one of the most frequently asked questions before your first bra fitting. Omg, do they have to look at my boobs?! No, you can simply take your top off and have them measure you in the bra you came in wearing. It takes about 20 seconds and then it’s done!

It’s more than just “hey, this is your size, thanks, bye!”

Yes, the lovely girls at Boux do measure your size, but they also ask what sort of things you like and don’t like, then will grab a load of different bras for you to try on. They will also help you find what works for your boobs and what doesn’t. For example, a bra with a lot of boosting and padding comes in my size, however no two 32A’s are going to look the same.

A lot of my boob ’tissue’ is situated underneath the nipple, which means I get a lot of gaping around the top when I wear bras with a huge ‘plunge’ effect. Charley really helped me find a bra that had just the right amount of ‘plunge’ in it, which she helped to adjust to really hug my boobs perfectly. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bra fit so good in my entire life!

I was also actually quite pleased to know that I was indeed already wearing the right bra size, I just now know how to adjust bras to make them fit my boobs a lot better.

I really hope you all found this post helpful. Don’t forget that if you fancy treating yourself to some gorgeous Boux Avenue goodies, I’ve got you covered! The bra I’m wearing unfortunately isn’t on the New In section anymore, however there are some very similar sets that are equally as gorgeous…

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*This post contains gifted products from Boux Avenue in partnership with their Boux Student Ambassador Scheme

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