A Christmas Trip to London

Well I suppose I should start off this post by saying a big happy new year! 2016 is finally upon us. I also hope you all had a lovely Christmas and aren’t feeling too delicate today after any NYE antics – yikes. This Christmas was probably the best I’ve ever had. My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to spend a few days in London which was absolutely lovely. We travelled up on Boxing Day and stayed for two nights between Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square, so we really couldn’t have had a better location, as everything was either a short bus journey or walk away from all the main attractions and sights. Since London is so beautiful at Christmas, I thought I’d share a few snaps I took whilst we were visiting – only on my iPhone 6 camera though, I do apologise, but I still think the pictures are pretty darn lovely if you ask me. 

1. Shopping on Oxford Street // Walking through Oxford Street on Boxing Day was quite possibly the most hectic thing I’ve ever experienced – it was flooded with people. However, it was also so nice to look round all of the shops and see all the beautiful Christmas lights. The lights in the photo I took were too pretty to refuse a quick snap.

2. Best burgers ever // Honestly one of the most amazing burgers I’ve ever tasted was at Byron Burger. We went for dinner here on our first night and it was such a nice (but naughty) treat. Plus, we ordered a Oreo milkshake for dessert to share, and it was lucky we did share as there was about a pint of it in the biggest glass we’d ever seen. It’s safe to say we were stuffed afterwards.

3. My fave purchase // I’ve been on the hunt for a watch for quite some time, it’s just one of those things I never really got round to buying. However being in London I thought what the heck I’ll treat myself, and I came across the most beautiful rose gold and grey watch from Olivia Burton. It’s the perfect size and the colours are so elegant and pretty – I can’t keep my eyes off my wrist when I wear it!

4. Trafalgar Square // Since our hotel was right by Trafalgar Square, we walked through it many times throughout our trip. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the pretty Christmas tree when it was all sparkly and lit up at night.

5. Before we went on the London Eye // It felt pretty surreal looking at the London Eye before we went on it thinking we were going to be travelling up so high in the sky! I’m not really too worried about heights (apart from when heights concerns scary things like rollercoasters which I hate) so I was very excited.

6. London Eye selfie // Pretty good location for a selfie, right? We even managed to get Big Ben in the photo too! The London Eye overall was amazing. The views were absolutely beautiful and it was definitely worth every penny.

7. Christmas tree at Covent Garden // Covent Garden was only a short walk away from our hotel, so we took a stroll round on our last day before we left to go home. We spent ages in a stationary shop called kikki. K which had the prettiest stationary I had EVER seen, plus I dragged Aaron into Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters for a look around too. As you can see we also came across this huge but beautiful Christmas tree.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all my Christmassy snaps. Have you visited London during the festive season? Did you treat yourself to anything this Christmas