A Fitness Update #2

At the time of my last fitness update, I would have never contemplated posting a photo with my tummy on show. The answer was a straight up no. But now, I’m feeling a lot more confident…

Over the past few months, I’ve come a long way fitness wise, both physically and mentally. In my last fitness update, I had made some progress, but at the time I felt like my body still looked the same as it always did. I wasn’t really keeping an eye on the scales or taking many progress photos, so I got a bit worried that I wasn’t getting anywhere – despite my personal trainer and my family telling me otherwise. However, now, I have hit a point where I can say holy sh*t, yeah, I have lost weight, some of my clothes are way too big now and my body looks so much different. Most importantly, I feel so much happier mentally and my body confidence is oozing. And I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to finally say that.

I’d say the ‘oh my god the work is paying off’ feeling truly kicked in around April, on two separate occasions. The first being when I was scrolling through my camera roll (as you do) and came across a photo of myself around Christmas time in some new underwear that I had received as a present (a totally normal photo, was just asking for the boyfriend’s opinion lol). I was intrigued by the photo, so I took a new photo of myself in a similar set of underwear and compared the two side by side. When I compared them both, I couldn’t believe how much my body had changed. In the ‘before’ photo, my now more defined shape wasn’t there and I just looked so different. It made me realise how much weight I had put on simply through lack of exercise and too many Meateor pizzas from Domino’s.

Another occasion where this happened was when I had a massive sort through my wardrobe. I tried on loads of clothes and I couldn’t believe how big some of my skirts were from the summer before. I was sad to see a few lovely (and fairly new!) items go but it was a very satisfying feeling at the same time. Due to a lack of skirts and shorts in my wardrobe, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying purchasing some more, and fitting back into some old pieces as well!

Now that I’ve lost a substantial chunk of weight (around one and a half stone) I am now focusing on strength and muscle toning. I have converted from personal training to online coaching (with my same fab trainer) which provides me with four planned workouts a week as well as the ability to track my macros (carbs, protein and fat). So many people think that ‘healthy’ is skipping meals or having very small meals, or depriving yourself of everything you love, when in fact healthy is the complete opposite.

Through macro tracking, I have learnt that eating well (and more) is so beneficial and makes me so much more motivated and full of energy. I am also eating way more protein than I used to, which is great. Protein shakes are great for an extra boost of protein and I’m slowly learning that snacking on some chicken or ham is perfectly normal to hit those macros, haha! I’m still getting used to it and it can be hard to hit my macros just right, but it’s all a learning curve. I’m definitely not deprived either. There are foods out there that taste just as good as the equivalent foods packed in sugar and fat, which are already ready made or easily made at home but with fresh and healthier ingredients.

Over the past first four weeks of online coaching and focusing on strength, I cannot tell you the differences I have seen in the gym! Going to the gym 3-4 times a week and building a healthier relationship with weight training has been such a great experience and I am truly loving it. Back in December I only ever really touched the cardio machines and dabbled in maybe the leg press or ab crunch machine, but now I am using free weights, the cable machine and the rest of it like nobody’s business! I’ve always struggled with strength in my upper body and even in just four weeks my muscles in my arms and back have become so much stronger and a lot more toned. I am also starting to develop stronger quads (in both appearance and ability) which I am sooo happy about.

It’s been so lovely to get amazing feedback throughout this process as well. I made a little progress photo montage (above) and the feedback I got from friends and family was amazing. It really boosted my confidence and just made me want to carry on with what I’m doing. I’m not going to lie, I have had my ups and downs throughout starting online coaching because it was an even more intense lifestyle change, but I am truly loving it and am so proud of where I have come and where I am still yet to go. Let’s hope for some more and even better progress photos in the future. This gal isn’t done yet and she’s going to get stronger!

If you enjoyed this post and want to know anything in particular about my fitness journey in future posts, please leave me a comment below as I am loving writing fitness related posts on my blog and would love to share more with you!

What are your fitness goals? Have you ever tried personal training or coaching?