A Mini Brighton Travel Guide: What To Eat, Where To Stay & Things To Do

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I went on a mini-break to Brighton last week with Aaron.

Aaron knew that I wanted to visit Brighton for the longest time, so he very kindly booked the trip as my 21st birthday present. We stayed for one night but had two full days there and it was honestly the best. I thought it would be nice to share a bit about our stay in case you were interested to see what Brighton has to offer! Or perhaps you’re looking to visit and are after some recommendations.

Where We Stayed

I don’t have any photos of where we stayed, however it was in the perfect location. We stayed at the Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront, which as you may have guessed, was right on the sea front looking over the beach. We had a side sea view, so as I was putting my makeup on by the window I could see the sea, which was nice! It was right by the pier and the lanes and pretty much everything else we needed, so it was the perfect tourist hot spot if you ask me.

The Lanes, North Laine & the City Centre

I absolutely loved walking around the lanes and the city centre surrounding it. There was so much to see; every new corner we turned we found something completely new. I could definitely get lost in the lanes! That was the beauty of them though. I loved how many independent shops and eateries there were; there’s just something that bit more special about spending your money in somewhere completely unique.

I also absolutely loved North Laine. It was full of so many cool shops, pubs and shops (including the famous Photomatic, which I will get to). We didn’t really go to many of the chain highstreet stores because we were so fascinated by all the independent ones! But this made a really nice change. So, onto the photos!

Choccywoccydoodah looked like chocolate heaven! We didn’t actually go in here, mainly because I was keen to go to some other sweet treat eateries, so this as well would have been a sugar overload! However if I ever go back to Brighton I am definitely keen to visit here. Look at that amazing display! I’m pretty sure it might actually be made of chocolate? But correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve had a look at the menu and they seem to do loads of amazing chocolately treats, cake and also melted chocolate platters with all the treats to dip in it. Ahhh, gimme! Hahaha.

I absolutely loved that Brighton was covered in beautiful flowers and bunting. It just made everything look so pretty and also really brought the city alive. I’m a bit obsessed with flowers so I made the most of every photo opportunity, haha! I fell in love with this gorgeous florist, I think it was called Gunn’s.

This pizza place (Donatello) looked amazing! I also really want to visit here if I ever go back, you just can’t beat a good homemade pizza.

I fell in love with the outside of this gorgeous cafe, Cloud 9. As you might spot from the writing outside, inside it looks like they sold loads of amazing sweet treats including ice cream and cupcakes. Again, we didn’t get time to actually go in but I’m loving all the pink vibes. Do you see what I mean though about loads of amazing and unique places to eat? I really wish my hometown had more places like this that aren’t just popular chains!

Visiting Photomatic was probably one of my favourite things we did during our trip. Photomatic is basically a small store with two photo booths (one black & white and one colour) and boxes of props. All you do is go to the till to pay, then you’re free to have fun in the photobooth and take your amazing photos! You can’t actually see what you look like in the photos on a screen, you just wait until the photos actually print. I thought I’d hate this but I actually think the photos came out better because of it. I absolutely love taking and treasuring photos, especially special photos with Aaron, but I cannot express how special these photos are to me. There’s something just so fun and natural about these photos and the fact we’ve got them printed to keep just makes these extra special. I’m going to treasure them forever!

British Airways i360

As part of my present, Aaron booked us tickets to go on the British Airways i360. It’s basically a similar concept to the London Eye, however you’re in one big pod and you travel slowly upwards into the sky, as opposed to it being like a ferris wheel. I think the i360 actually goes higher than the London Eye. The views were absolutely phenomenal. We could see so many buildings and also all the beautiful houses and fields in the distance. I thought I’d be a bit scared of going so high, however the gradual trip up really made it easy to get used to it! I’ve seen that they actually do loads of cool events and dinners up in the pod, which I think is so cool. Imagine eating your dinner at sunset with views like this?!

Brighton Pier

Unfortunately the sky wasn’t blue and the sun wasn’t shining too much on the day I took the photo below! We were lucky enough to have the pier right on our doorstep during our trip. I couldn’t believe how long the pier was, it just seemed to keep going and going! There was so much to see and do, whether you wanted to grab a seaside snack, play amusement games, go on the rides or simply sit and take in the views. We really enjoyed having an amble down the pier and taking everything in. The pier in our hometown is literally nothing compared to Brighton’s!

Where We Ate

Patty&Bun | I love a good burger restaurant, especially when it’s a proper dirty burger. So many of my friends that have been to uni in and around London kept saying how Patty&Bun was the best burger they’d ever eaten. We had no idea there was a P&B in Brighton, so as soon as we saw it, we knew we had to try it. I went for the ‘Smokey Robinson’, which was full of bacon, cheese, caramelised onions and all that other good stuff, and had rosemary salt fries as a side. It really was SO GOOD. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of it to show you all, but I was too excited to tuck in. Google it though, mmmmmm.

Dum Dum Donutterie | I found out Dum Dum existed through Zoella and whenever she got donuts from here they just looked so tasty. So, I knew this was a place I wanted to visit for sure! I had an ‘Eat and Mess’ donut which was filled with berry buttercream and had berry icing, topped with meringue and freeze-dried strawberries. It was so so delicious. It also tasted really fresh and not greasy at all, which was also really nice. The perfect afternoon snack!

The Ivy In The Lanes | The Ivy was probably one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever eaten in. The decor was absolutely stunning and like nothing else I’ve ever seen. It was so so busy so I couldn’t get loads of photos of the decor, however do give it a Google! The food was absolutely delicious. I had Flat-Iron Chicken which was so succulent and flavoursome, with mash and tenderstem broccoli. SO yum! I also really liked the atmosphere, it was intimate and classy, but also buzzy at the same time (this was partly because it was absolutely packed, it seems to be a very popular place!). I’d definitely return!

Boho Gelato | The ice cream of dreams! I was so excited to visit Boho Gelato after years of wanting to visit. I’ve read so many good reviews and heard about their unique and delicious flavours, so visiting was an absolute must. I went for the White Chocolate Creme as well as the Sour Cherry flavour. They were both absolutely delicious, but I have to say there was something very special about the White Chocolate Creme. It had such a thick and creamy swirl of white chocolate in it, which tasted just like melted Milkybar! I’ve since found out that there are two other Boho Gelato shops not too far away from where I live, so I will definitely be visiting, as I don’t think I can wait until my next trip to Brighton to go back.

Another place we ate was called Veeno, which was an Italian cafe and wine bar. Alike Patty&Bun, I was so hungry and didn’t really think about snapping a photo but omg the food was so good. I had a focaccia panini with the creamiest mozzarella I’ve EVER tasted and parma ham. I also had a side of bruschetta, also with the best pesto I had ever tasted. It was just so moreish! The meat and cheese platters also sounded amazing. Would highly recommend.

So, that’s about it for my Brighton travel guide! If you’re planning a trip to Brighton or know someone who is, I really hope you find this helpful! And please feel free to leave your own  Brighton recommendations down below, I’d love to hear what your fave spots are!

Have you ever visited Brighton? What’s your favourite city?

xo, Hannah

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