A New Favourite Fragrance

If you read my blog you may know I have a few perfumes that I always stick to, simply because of how much I love them, which you can read about here. However recently I’ve been lusting over a perfume that’s fairly new to my collection, which is Olympéa by Paco Rabanne. It’s safe to say I have fallen deeply in love.

First of all you’ll probably notice the absolutely amazing packaging. A touch of rose gold is always a winner for me, it always looks so elegant and pretty. The beautifulness of the packaging made the photo for this post ten times easier to take, haha! Paco Rabanne describes the perfume as designed for powerful women aka ‘modern-day cleopatras’, with a laurel wreath presented on the sides of the bottle which represents the ‘wings of victory’. What an amazing meaning behind such a gorgeous bottle of perfume, right?

You’re probably wondering whether I’m actually going to get onto discussing probably the most important thing about a perfume, which is the scent. To get straight to the point, the scent of this perfume is to die for. It has a really gorgeous feminine scent, with notes of green mandarin, salted vanilla accord, water jasmine, ginger blossom, ambergris and cashmere wood. All in all, the scent is warming but fresh, and just sweet enough. In terms of longevity, Paco Rabanne have nailed it yet again with this one. The scent lasts so well on my skin and lingers on my clothes which I personally love, as I know I am going to smell good all day. Plus, there’s nothing worse than a perfume that smells amazing as soon as you spray it but then an hour later you can barely get a whiff of it as it’s just faded away.

So, if you’re looking for a fresh, feminine new scent that lasts all day, then Olympéa might be the one for you. If you’re ever in a perfume store, give it a whiff, and maybe admire the amazing bottle for a little while too – it’s too pretty not to.

Have you tried Olympéa by Paco Rabanne? What is your favourite fragrance at the moment?