A Revlon Rediscovery

Every so often I rummage through my makeup drawer and find something I forgot I even had. Recently I rediscovered an old favourite of mine, which is the Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Palette in Adventurous. I picked it out of my drawer the other week whilst doing my makeup and thought why not give it a whirl for old times’ sake?

First things first, I love the packaging. The black casing is sleek and the eyeshadows are nicely compacted, plus you actually get a lot of product for your money’s worth (£7.99 to be exact). There are four decent sized eyeshadows in this palette (win win) which are as follows: a pearly white with a strong gold undertone, a shimmery olive toned brown, a shimmery copper brown and a matte chocolate brown. They all go together beautifully and blend well, so this palette is perfect for creating a smouldering smokey look. 

The pigmentation is actually pretty darn good. Maybe not quite as pigmented as higher end shadows such as those of the trusty Urban Decay Naked palettes, however for highstreet shadows these are definitely up there. I have to say the matte chocolate brown is especially pigmented out of the four. It’s great for deepening up the crease as it really is so amazingly opaque. And, if you’re an inner corner and brow bone highlight lover, the gold undertones in the pearly white shadow is the perfect shade for this – it looks stunning.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that these shadows last for 16 hours. However, the look I created in the photo above did stay put for quite some time and looked presentable for the majority of the day. Some of the pigmentation wore down throughout the day, but the smokiness was still there and it still looked pretty good. Again, as the matte chocolate brown shadow is so pigmented, this one lasted the longest and stayed looking the best throughout the day.

Have you rediscovered any products recently? Have you tried this Revlon palette?