Are We More Likely To Visit A Restaurant If It Is ‘Instagrammable’?

Over recent years, food blogging has grown massively and so many of us love snapping photos of our tasty eats. But, are you more likely to visit a restaurant if you consider it to be ‘instagrammable’?

This is a really interesting subject and I kind of sit on the fence – let me explain. In general when looking for a new restaurant (or cafĂ©/bar/etc) to eat/drink at, I might be more enticed by one that has a particularly interesting or nice interior. I think this is pretty standard due to my experience in working in Marketing for a restaurant; I can fully appreciate the amount of work that goes into designing a unique vibe that reflects the brand to entice customers in. The blogger in me might think a cool interior would be a good photo opportunity, but that’s because I do enjoy capturing photos of my day to day life to store as memories. No matter what the restaurant looked like, I would still choose whatever I wanted from the menu and not base my choice on its level of ‘instagrammable-ness’.

But don’t get me wrong, I’ll definitely still spend time reading reviews from other people that have visited before. That’s because I want to make sure I enjoy my food and spend my money wisely on a really tasty meal. For example, there’s a little family run Italian pizza place in my hometown. From the photos and in real life, it might not be considered an ‘instagrammable’ location, but my reason for visiting was totally down to positive reviews and word of mouth. And was my visit worth it? 100% yes. The staff are so friendly and they treat you like your own family. And the pizza…well. It’s honestly the most authentic Italian pizza I’ve ever had. The ingredients are so fresh and the dough is so rustic and cooked in a proper wood fired oven. The quality of my experience is so important too and it’s definitely not all about the photo opportunities.

Overall, I’d say that what might be considered as an ‘instagrammable’ restaurant might draw me in because it generally looks like a nice place to visit with good reviews, but taking a photo is just a fun bonus as a blogger. Sometimes you’re having such a good time and the food is so yummy that you don’t even think about it – and that is 100% okay.

I say let’s celebrate that food blogging is on the up so we can all help each other discover all the amazing restaurants out there. I’ll definitely be continuing to share a selection of the food/drink I enjoy, just because I find it fun! But let’s also remember not to put too much pressure on ourselves to capture the ‘perfect’ snap and make sure we still fully enjoy our dining experience too.

Do you enjoy food blogging? Are you more likely to visit a restaurant if it is ‘instagrammable’ or are you somewhere in the middle like me?


xo, Hannah

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