Change: Starting Uni & Long Distance Relationships

Being 18 years old means that my life of compulsory education is now over. So for the final year of school, I had to make the huge and daunting decision about what I wanted to actually do with my life. I contemplated whether to go to uni or not for a good few months, as I didn’t like the idea of living away from home, so this left me with a very limited choice of universities to apply to. Then I started considering apprenticeships, but I was still completely stuck. However when I visited my local university, I found a course that I was thoroughly interested in and it sounded perfect for me.

This is the first September where I won’t be returning to school. It is honestly the strangest feeling ever! Just over a week ago now, my boyfriend and I said our goodbyes (only temporary ones of course) as he moved away for Uni. Not knowing exactly when I was going to see him again broke my heart, and it was honestly the hardest goodbye I’ve experienced in my whole life. We saw each other most days over summer, so to now go to weeks without seeing each other is a massive change that will take us both a little while to adapt to. I know a long distance relationship takes work, but we’re going to try and visit each other as much as possible and we have been using Skype almost everyday to talk. Messaging is great but actually being able to see him and hear his voice is just that extra bit more special.

Two days later, I had my first day at Uni. I felt like a year 8 again walking into the huge building and not having a clue where I was going. It was so strange looking around and being surrounded by people I had never seen before and who were probably from places I’d never visited (or even heard of) before. Luckily, I recognised a few friendly faces as people on my course had already set up a Facebook chat, so it was great to meet some of them for the first time, and one girl particularly I have become quite friendly with already which is so lovely.

Sadly, on my first freshers night out this week, one of my friends stumbled back onto my foot (in huge chunky heels) and yes, I actually broke my foot. Yay! Walking around in a massive boot is such fun during the first few weeks of uni – not! I will have to make up for all of the partying once my foot heals. So bloody typical. 

On a brighter note, my boyfriend might be coming home to visit this weekend (ahhhhh yay!) which will help to cheer me up from quite an overwhelming week. I’ve missed him so much! I hope everything settles down soon and I’ll feel at home at uni in no time, we will just have to wait and see.

Have you experienced any change recently? Feel free to comment what’s changed in your life, I’d especially love to hear about anyone’s uni experiences!