Dainty Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, I’m not really one for huge statement pieces of jewellery. I must admit, some of them are gorgeous, especially when paired with the right outfit, however I much prefer dainty jewellery that is a little more understated. Dainty jewellery suits my style a lot more; I find that it always looks so girly and elegant and can dress up any outfit. I don’t often see many jewellery related posts, so I thought why not share some of my favourite pieces that I like to wear everyday, and of course on more special occasions too. 

The necklace with the black pendant is from Topshop. I received this necklace for Christmas after I briefly mentioned how pretty I thought it was to my Mum when we were out shopping a few weeks before, so when I opened it on Christmas morning I was pleasantly surprised. Ever since I received this I’ve worn it so much. It really dresses up a simple top or jumper and adds such a gorgeous touch to an outfit. I love the black sparkly pendant, it’s so simple yet so pretty and is so different to anything else I own. Usually small pendants are either silver or gold however I think this is a unique take on a dainty jewellery piece, and I bloody well love it. 

The other necklace with the heart pendant is a rather special necklace of mine, from Essential. I received it for my 18th birthday, so it’s definitely a jewellery piece that I will treasure for a long time. I think the combination of the gold and silver on this necklace looks beautiful, and I just love the little heart pendant. The chain on this necklace is so delicate too, which I love. I don’t like huge chains on necklaces, I often find they can look slightly cheap and distract the attention away from the pendant, but that’s just me.

The ring pictured is from Pandora. This ring is the only piece out of the three I could still find online, so if you like the look of this ring you can see it on Pandora’s website here. I’ve had this ring for a long while now and I love pulling it out on special occasions. Pandora rings are just so gorgeous, plus there’s so many to choose from and there really is something for everyone. I love the design of this ring, the silver and the white look stunning together, don’t you think? I have a Pandora leather bracelet too with a couple of charms on it, so I was thinking I might do the occasional post on that whenever I buy or receive a new charm. So far I have two charms, both from my boyfriend, so they both have such a nice meaning behind them and are so special to me. If you’re interested in seeing that then let me know!

What are your favourite dainty jewellery pieces? What do you think of mine?