Facing My Fears & Learning The Art Of Not Giving A Sh*t

Today’s post is more of a personal one, but a little life update once in a while is always a good thing…

Lately, I’ve really been thinking a lot about facing my fears. I feel like in the past couple of years, and in recent months as well, I’ve really pushed myself to try things I would have never done before. And of course, some of our fears in this world exist because we fear what other people will think of us. But lately, I’ve really learnt to embrace who I am and just push myself, as at the end of the day it’s MY life and I want (and need) to do what makes me happy.

I have always been quite a shy girl around people I don’t necessarily know that well, however I feel like in the past year my confidence has really grown. I think that doing my placement year and getting to work with a variety of different people, whom I had never met before, has really made me a lot more comfortable speaking to someone brand new.

Due to being shy, I’ve also never really been a public speaker. Presentations have always made me feel very nervous, but as the years have gone by at uni and throughout my placement, things have gotten easier. Recently, I was given the opportunity to do a speech at an event in front of local young people and business professionals about how work placements can be beneficial for not only the young individual, but also the business side of things. Automatically my mind was like “oh god no, I’ll be too nervous. People will laugh at me if I mess up, etc etc”. But then I was like, actually, no. I’m going to do this. Why would I turn down such an amazing opportunity? (Plus, you amazing lot on Instagram persuaded me to do it too, so thank you!)

The day of the speech came around and I was so nervous and didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. But I kept telling myself that I could do it and how much this would improve my confidence, and boy it has. It was also so nice to hear amazing feedback from everyone afterwards, who all said I didn’t sound nervous?! Like hello?! I think that’s my new talent – sounding confident and chilled when in reality I’m like omggg help me. Hahaha. Honestly, I am so glad I did it and hopefully these sort of opportunities will continually be thrown at me so I can continue to face my fear.

In relation to blogging, I’ve really pushed myself in the past few months to just post whatever I want to post. I’ve learnt that I do enjoy writing about so many different topics, and that’s perfectly okay. I’m also facing my fear of showing more of myself on my blog and Instagram by taking more photos in public. I’m slowly becoming more confident in front of the camera; a year ago I probably wouldn’t have even let Aaron take a photo of me but now I don’t mind asking him to (even though he gets annoyed when I make him take about 50 photos just to get one nice one, haha!) I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m confident taking photos in public; I do like the area I’m taking a pic in to be relatively quiet, however I’m just trying to think ‘who cares?’. In reality I won’t see the same people again, so I just try and tell myself that I’m doing this for my enjoyment and it doesn’t matter what they think. It is very hard, but things are moving in the right direction.

Me three years ago wouldn’t have done any of these things that I’m doing today. Even the more day to day things which I’ve had to face such as going on a 4 hour coach journey alone, going to the gym alone and asking for help in a shop. So, if you’re afraid to do something, but you can hear a little voice in your head telling you to go for it, listen to it. I promise you once it’s over, the feeling is just indescribable! (Of course not all fears are necessarily made to be fought, we all have things that we absolutely hate doing in life, including myself, and that’s okay. Just like mine with huge rollercoasters, no thank YOU!). But you get the gist – overcoming any type of fear is just the most amazing feeling.

PS: If you’re wondering, here’s my outfit details: Top (ASOS), Bralet (ASOS), Skirt (F&F), Shoes (New Look) & Bag (Topshop).

Have you faced any of your fears lately?

xo, Hannah

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