First Impressions: I Heart Revolution Chocolate Palettes

Makeup is always ten times better when it looks like a chocolate bar, right?

It’s no secret that I absolutely love the Revolution brand as a whole. They deliver on quality and they deliver on price, which is the perfect combination really. There are still so many of their products that I want to try, but I’d seen a few reviews and videos of the I Heart Revolution mini chocolate palettes floating around and really wanted to give some of them a go. I’ve used these palettes for about a week now, so I wanted to give you all an in-depth first impressions of how I’m getting on with them.

Let’s just put it out there, I couldn’t resist the cute packaging (scroll down to see). I love the whole chocolate bar theme going on. Especially the rose gold one, how pretty is that?! The packaging isn’t what I’d call luxury, however they’re an amazing size and very sturdy. I’m also a huge fan of fun ideas like this and I think it will be one that people will comment on if they see me pull it out of my makeup drawer. So, onto the individual palettes…

First up is the Choc Orange Mini Chocolate Palette. It’s full of gorgeous pink, gold and orange tones, which are all my favourite eyeshadow shades. This little palette is the mini version of their larger Chocolate Orange palette. I don’t personally own this so can’t compare the two, but some of the shades are pretty similar. I got this because it seemed like a great travel friendly palette. Most of my palettes are fairly big, but this is such a cute size that takes up hardly any room in a makeup bag.

The palette contains two shimmer shades, which are the two largest shades in the palette in each corner, and six matte shades.


  • Yellow-toned gold
  • Light nude pink


  • Deep red-toned pink
  • True orange
  • Cool-toned dark brown
  • Light peachy pink
  • Dusky rose
  • Bright coral pink

For a £6 palette, the pigmentation on these eyeshadows seems to be pretty impressive. The mattes seem to be very pigmented and created quite an intense crease look. They’re not quite as pigmented as some of my high end eyeshadows, but that’s to be expected, but they are by far some of the most pigmented eyeshadows I’ve tried from the high street and aren’t far off from their high end counterparts.

The yellow-toned gold isn’t as shimmery as I’d perhaps like, but with a bit of glitter primer and a couple of layers, I think it would build up to quite a nice intensity. As for the light nude pink shimmer, it’s a really pretty neutral shade. Again, it’s not a ‘wet-look’ intense shimmer like other shimmer shadows I own, but for £6, it’s really good quality and so affordable. I also think both of these eyeshadow would work well over a darker and slightly more shimmery shadow as a top layer to really make the eyes pop and add a hint more colour and shimmer.

In terms of longevity, the matte shades seemed to last longer than the shimmers, but I’ll have to keep trying out the best way to use these shadows to make them last as long as possible. On the whole, this palette gets a thumbs up from me! I wish I had this with me when I was in Ibiza.

Next up is the Rose Gold Glow Mini Chocolate Palette. All the rose gold vibes sold it to me, just look at that packaging! Not to mention the shades are just to die for. They match my skin tone perfectly and I get the best of both worlds. A pink highlight AND a gold highlight, all for £6! There’s a light pink highlighter on the left, which is a really nice shade and not too icy. Then on the right, there’s a slightly larger pan which contains a light gold shade.

I’ve used both of these shades and they have such an amazing colour pay-off. Revolution highlighters are definitely my favourite from the high street, so I just knew that these wouldn’t disappoint me. They are very finely milled and to touch they feel really silky, meaning they blend seamlessly into the rest of my makeup and there’s no chunky bits of glitter.

The bit you’ve all been waiting for… the swatches!

I’m sure you can tell which palette is which here, lol. But is it just me or do these swatches seriously look like they’re from expensive high end palettes?! FYI these swatches are completely unedited to show you a true representation as possible of what the shades look like.

Choc Orange Palette: from my wrist to my elbow are the shades from L-R in the palette. (I hope that makes sense).

Rose Gold Glow Palette: left is the gold shade, right is the pink shade.

I would highly recommend both of these palettes and I’m desperate to try more of Revolution’s many palettes! You can buy these from the Superdrug or Revolution Beauty websites.

Have you tried any of the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Palettes? Are there any other Revolution palettes that you think I should try?

xo, Hannah

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