Five Things I’ll Miss About Summer

It’s safe to say that summer has come to a close. The mornings are cooler, the air feels fresher and it’s time to start updating our wardrobes for Autumn, which I am looking forward to! I quite like this time of year when it’s not too hot and not too cold, it’s perfect T-shirt and jacket weather! I’m thinking of maybe doing a post on how I’m transitioning my wardrobe for Autumn? Despite all this, there are definitely some things I will miss about summer…

 1) Blue skies and sunshine

We’ve been so lucky here in the UK to have a gorgeous summer. Yes, the sleeping at night hasn’t been pretty but the beach days and long walks have been amazing. I’m definitely going to miss the blue skies in photos and that beautiful golden hour sunlight!

2) Light evenings

I absolutely hate it when it starts to get dark earlier. I always feel so awful when I leave work or uni at 5pm and it’s already pitch black. I just hate it and I feel like I miss out on so much of the day. It’s also going to make taking blog photos a lot harder – I’m sure you’ll all feel me on that one.

3) Summer skin

I actually have keratosis pilaris (fancy name but it’s completely harmless and very common). It’s also nicknamed ‘chicken skin’ (nice) which makes my skin appear quite red and bumpy, especially on my arms. During the summer, it looks and feels smoother and less inflamed. So I’m really not looking forward for my skin to get drier, redder and bumpier again! I’m on the hunt for a good cream to help reduce it though.

4) Light makeup

In the summer, I’m generally a bit more tanned and my skin is smoother and I don’t wear as much base makeup. It’s so nice in the summer to go out the house without having to put much makeup on! Whilst I am so excited to experiment with new makeup looks for Autumn, I am going to miss that light dewy skin feeling!

5) Feeling care and stress free

I’ve been working part-time in retail since the end of May, and the rest of my time has been filled up with whatever the heck I want. I’ve had such a nice and relaxing summer and it’s been so nice to have a bit of rest after my placement and before I go back to uni. It’s also been so nice to spend lots of time with Aaron before he starts his full time job. With uni just around the corner, I am a bit nervous of having more of a set routine again and having to organise my time a lot more. I think it’s going to be good for me and I am looking forward to it in a way, but I’m definitely going to miss feeling care and stress free.

Will you miss anything about summer?

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