Florida 2017 Photo Diary

Ah, Florida…my favourite place in the world.

This September, my family, my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to visit Florida. Yes, this post is a bit overdue. With a new job keeping me busy, this post kept getting forgotten about. But, I wanted to make sure I documented some of the best bits of our trip. Anyway…

Everything about Florida is just so surreal. The food, the atmosphere, the people and the crazy amount of fun to be had at all of the amazing parks. People who have never been to Florida never quite get how bloody brilliant it really is when you try to explain it to them. Despite having the worry of Hurricane Irma during our stay, we managed to stay safe and enjoy the rest of our trip (minus having no power for three days and having to move out of our lovely villa to a motel – no air con in 95% humidity is NOT cute). But anyway, here’s a few of my favourite photos from our holiday. I miss it so much already!

On our first day, we went to Magic Kingdom. Everything is so pretty and well, magical! I do love it here but (unpopular opinion) it’s definitely not my favourite park in Florida. I just find a lot of the rides are based at really small children. And let’s not even talk about my experience on Space Mountain…I swear this ride has gotten faster?! I loved it when I went to Florida four years ago, but this time I pretty much went into a panic attack mid ride. It was just so fast and bumpy. Bleugh, never again. Despite this, it was such a lovely day and I bought a gorgeous Minnie Mouse Pandora charm from the Disney Pandora shop. I wanted to buy so much more in there but I would have spent all of my money!

Onto my favourite parks…Universal and Islands of Adventure. I don’t love huge rollercoaster rides, so Universal is perfect for me. There are so many simulator rides and 4D cinemas which are my favourite kind of ride. I can’t honestly pick a favourite. I love the Despicable Me ride and the Transformers ride. Had to get the obligatory photo in front of the globe, too…

Aaron and I watch the Harry Potter films together quite a lot so getting a photo in front of Hogwarts was a MUST. I have to say, the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride did make me feel a bit motion sick after a few goes. And the spiders get so close to your face it is horrible, hahaha! The new Gringotts ride was soooo good though. Definitely recommend it!

It still amazes me how realistic Hogwarts is. And the fact you can go inside it before the ride is so cool. It honestly feels like you’re inside the film! I miss it there so much. Looking at these photos makes me want to watch all the Harry Potter films again!

Is it just me who always gets so nervous when getting photos with the characters? Haha. I don’t even know why! But the Knight Bus guy was really funny and glad we got a photo with him in the end.

I’ve been to Florida twice now and still haven’t eaten in Hard Rock CafĂ©! *gasp*. However I cannot even begin to tell you how many amazing food places there is to choose from out there. We just never got round to it! Some of my restaurant recommendations would be Outback Steakhouse, Applebees and IHOP. The list could go on and on…

The Simpsons Land is probably one of the coolest areas of the park. Everything is just so similar to how it looks on TV and it’s just so fun. We ate in Krusty Burger too which was so cool. It was HUGE though – safe to say I didn’t want to go on any rides for a little while after eating it hahaha.

I honestly can’t tell you how amazing these donuts were. This photo makes me crave them SO BADLY! If you go to Universal, definitely get some Lard Lad donuts from The Simpsons Land. They even do a huge strawberry sprinkles donut the size of my face! Definitely should have got that in hindsight. Maybe next time, eh?

Here’s a little snap from our visit to Animal Kingdom. The safari trip was so interesting and the tour guide just made it so much more enjoyable! My favourite part of Animal Kingdom was the brand new Avatar Flight Of Passage ride – the best ride we went on the entire trip, hands down. We may have queued for 3 HOURS (jeez) to ride, but it sure was worth it. It honestly felt like we were transformed to a completely different world. I hear that the queue is still this big even a few months on, but if you get the chance to go, I would definitely recommend waiting to ride.

And finally, here’s a funny little snap of Aaron and I next to our hire car. We got a free upgrade to this absolute beast because our car wasn’t available on the day, haha! It was such a nice car but look how tiny we look next to it! Oh, and I am wearing jeans because this was the day we flew there. There was no chance I was wearing jeans for the rest of the holiday in 95% humidity…yuck.

Have you ever been to Florida? Where would you like to travel to in the future?