Getting Motivated To Work Out

Finding the motivation to work out is something I have found quite difficult. I never quite knew how to get back into it after giving up dancing around four years ago. I don’t really feel comfortable going to the gym and the price of a membership seems pretty expensive to be perfectly honest. Since giving up dancing, I have gradually become more unfit, which is disappointing as I used to get through a ninety minute dance class without much trouble. I have decided to start working out in the comfort of my own home, which is way more relaxing and carefree than going to the gym. To get motivated to work out, I’ve taken some steps which will hopefully help me, and you as well if you’re looking into getting into working out.

I came to the decision that in order to get fit, I was going to need some guidance on exercise routines, as I wouldn’t know where to start on my own. So, I had a browse on Amazon and came across Davina McCall’s newest fitness DVD, 5 Week Fit. As I’ve only just started finding the motivation to work out, I haven’t used this much yet but so far it seems pretty good. It comes with a five week plan that tells you which of her routines to do on each day of the week, so you’re working on different areas of your body on different days. There are rest days that have been scheduled into the plan too, which is useful (and relieving). I’m going to try to stick to this plan, but at the beginning I know it’s going to be hard as my body needs time to strengthen up. So far my muscles are aching quite a bit after working out (especially today, ouch). Once I’ve used this DVD a bit more I might do another post to update you on how I’m getting on with it.

Buying workout clothes also gave me motivation to get into working out. I knew if I wanted to work out, I wanted to feel good and confident in what I was wearing. Plus, wearing sportswear that I’ve picked out and really like helps me to get into a better mindset and routine for working out, which is a huge bonus. It’s almost a feeling of excitement, as I want to work out so I can wear my new clothes, haha! I bought a black sports bra and some black, khaki and teal sports leggings from Missguided, which I absolutely love. If you’re looking to buy new sportswear, I’d definitely recommend Missguided as they have some lovely pieces in their active range. 

Another thing I did to get me more motivated to work out was creating a playlist on Spotify. Listening to my favourite songs really helps to get me pumped up and makes me put more effort into my workout. Personally, medium/fast-paced songs make me work harder and help me get more out of my workout, but of course it’s entirely up to you what you listen to. Some of my favourites to listen to are Right Now by Rihanna, One by Swedish House Mafia and Stronger by Kanye West.

Do you do anything that helps you get motivated to work out? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your tips!