How I Edit My Photos

For me, photography is definitely one of the most important parts of a blog post. I love taking photos and I always want to make my blog photos look great, as for me the photography is definitely the main thing that will attract me to someone else’s blog post. I’ve seen a lot of posts like this floating around the blogging world, so I thought it was about time I shared my own way of editing photos. I have a few different ways of editing my photos, so I’m going to run you through the different apps and programs I use.

VSCO // VSCO is a great mobile app for photo editing. It has so many filters to choose from, a lot of which are free, plus it has so many advanced tools to make your photos look amazing, such as brightness, sharpening, tint, shadows, etc. Recently, I have been loving the HB1 filter, which really brightens the photo, whilst adds more cooler, bluer tones to the photo. You can change the intensity of the filter between 1 and 12, 12 being the most intense. What intensity I use depends on the photo, but on average the intensity level I use is between 6 and 8.  I then usually go ahead and up the brightness slightly, sharpen it up and play around with the contrast a little. What I do really does depend on the photo, but its always fun experimenting with different tools on different photos!

Afterlight // Afterlight is another great photo editing mobile app I like to use for tweaking my photos. I don’t tend to use the Afterlight filters as often as the VSCO filters for my blog photos – I find a lot of them are better for selfies, haha! However, I do use the app to tweak elements of my photos with all of the useful tools, again especially brightness, contrast and sharpness. I find Afterlight’s cropping tool particularly good as it lets you crop freely as opposed to cropping in fixed proportions. Afterlight also lets you tint the shadows and highlights a certain colour, which you can adjust the intensity of. I sometimes do this with the colour pink and bring the intensity right down, leaving my photo with a slight cool pinky tone.

Photoshop // Photoshop is really great for doing some serious photo editing. There’s so many tools, a lot of them which I have no idea how to use, therefore I use this program in a fairly basic way. I use the Brightness and Contrast tool, as well as the Curves and Levels tool to brighten the photo, but making sure the photo doesn’t look too washed out. I also use the Photo Filter tool and select my own colour. I usually choose a cool toned light pink and bring the intensity right down, and this cancels out some of the yellow tones within a photo. 

Picmonkey // Picmonkey is a free photo editing website, however does have some premium payable features. I have used this website for years now and it really is great. It’s particularly good for adding text over a photo or creating a collage, which is what I tend to use it for the most – you may notice this from my OOTD posts! It has some basic tools such as brightness, highlights and shadows, plus it has a ton of filters and clip art that can be put onto a photo. If you’re just starting out with photo editing, I would really recommend Picmonkey.

I hope at least one of you found this helpful and/or interesting! How do you edit your photos?