Is My Style Too Boring For Fashion Blogging?

Fashion blogging is a world I’ve never really been into until recent months. I’d maybe do a fashion blog post once every few months, but it would be something like a wishlist, or a clothing flatlay, etc. One thing it would never be is a photo of me, outside (where people might see me?!?!) and posing for the camera. But hey, look who’s posing now?!

Anyway, I’ve recently realised that I really want to get into taking more photos of myself. I just feel like taking my content in a slightly new direction. I want to show my face more and show what I’m wearing as the seasons change, so this is why I’m being brave and doing this whole posing in the street thang.

Jacket: River Island | Top: New Look | Jeans: F&F at Tesco | Belt: ASOS | Watch: Olivia Burton | Bag: Dune at TK Maxx

There are so many amazing fashion bloggers out there who look so effortless walking across the road, hair perfectly flowing in the wind, with that perfect natural pout/smoulder going on or whatever you want to call it.

Side note: does anyone else feel the pain of trying to pout whilst not looking in a mirror?! Some of my outtakes are so funny, my mouth makes me look like I’ve just smelt something seriously BAD, lol.

But anyway, the locations some bloggers seem to find are so beautiful, and they’re actually seriously busy public places and it amazes me how they always look so calm, casual and like they’re truly meant to be there. I know they’re probably feeling similar to me on the inside, but I truly look up to these types of bloggers.

I’ve also noticed that these bloggers also have such gorgeous clothes that I love, but would never look at buying myself or think I could pull off. There are so many different combinations of outfits and every photo somehow seems to look different, which is so impressive. One photo could be super cute and feminine, another a little more grungy, perhaps sports luxe all the way to full glam.

But it made me realise that I often wear the same types of clothes all the time, and often reach for the same styles in my wardrobe. For example, I think to myself, I love this jacket and always wear it, so surely all my outfit photos are gonna look the same?! You’ll also often find me in jeans during A/W, I never really push the boat out tbh. It’s just what I feel comfortable in and what I find most versatile.

BUT (yes another but) this also makes me worried that my style might be too boring for fashion blogging. I’m not typically adventurous with what I wear. As I said, I have a style that I like and I tend to stick to it. Which worries me that a lot of my photos look samey.

I do LOVE buying clothes, but they all kinda blend together to create similar looking outfits. I wear the same bag most of the time. I rotate between a selection of coats/jackets (which I’m hoping will help to spice up my images for AW). I guess I’m just a bit nervous about creating new (to me) content and just want to slide in nicely to the little community. I also think it’s important for me to give myself a pat on the back too, a year ago I would have never published content like this.

If you like this kind of content then please do let me know! To be honest I am so happy with these photos, and I’m actually quite excited to continue sharing more with you, even if I am a newbie!

Are you into fashion blogging? Can any newbies to fashion blogging relate to this?

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