Long Distance Friendships | Boux Avenue #BouxEverAfter

Long Distance Friendships | Boux Avenue #BouxEverAfter

Before I start this post, I just want to address that the pyjamas we are wearing were kindly gifted as part of my ambassadorship with Boux Avenue.

This post is also dedicated to one of my leading ladies, my best friend Amy aka my long distance friend. This Christmas, Boux Avenue are encouraging everyone to celebrate life’s leading ladies for their #BouxEverAfter campaign, whether that be your best friend, your Mum, your Aunt, your sister and so on. The ladies that we couldn’t live without! I’d love for you all to share who YOUR leading ladies are in the comments and why you want to show them some extra love and appreciation this Christmas.

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Now, let’s move on to the main topic of todays post: long distance friendships. We all hear so many things about long distance relationships, which I have also experienced, but never much about long distance friendships. Whilst they’re not as mentally draining as a long distance relationship, a long distance friendship is still something that can be hard to get used to.

Amy, sitting next to me in the photos, and I met at university over three years ago now. We spoke briefly before the first day because we found out we were in the same seminar group, but back then I had no idea that she would end up becoming my best friend. I turned up to the very first lecture of first year feeling so nervous, but she messaged me again asking to meet for lunch before our seminar. And I’m pretty sure we’ve spoken most days since.

The closer friends we became, the more we realised that we were so similar. Of course I’ve got other best friends, and I’ll probably make more along the way, but I’ve never had a friend that I’ve had so much in common with before, which was more than just hobbies and interests. Our personalities were so similar and it felt relaxing to find a friend that really understood me. It also helped that we’ve both dealt with long distance relationships, so we had each other as a shoulder to cry on when times were tough. Amy is also such a help when it comes to university. She is always happy to read my work for me and support me whenever I need it.

Long Distance Friendships | Boux Avenue #BouxEverAfter

We spent the first two years of university together, but then it hit me that we were both due to go on placement years. I’d be staying at home to work, and Amy secured a position in London. It didn’t feel right that we had to go from seeing each other almost every day to not at all. Going into a work placement knowing nobody felt really lonely and I missed having her there with me. We both had such busy years working, so we managed to meet up only a few times, however we made the most of it and spent long days or weekends together.

Final year of uni came around, and whilst we both felt really nervous for final year, we couldn’t wait to be reunited and be able to spend more time together again. Minus doing our uni work, it’s been so great to go shopping together more often, chill out and just generally have a good laugh together.

What’s going to happen, which is hard to accept, is that uni is actually very nearly over. We’ve only got about 6 months left and then that’s it. I feel like it’s going to be a really weird feeling when I finish university. I will be so happy and relieved that I’ve finished, but at the same time I’ll realise that Amy is going back home and won’t be returning in September.

When you find a friend that you just click with, you can’t let distance get in the way. Even if you don’t see each other every day, they will always be there for you when you need it and there’s a good chance they are missing you as much as you miss them. Plus, living far away is a good excuse to make the most out of every visit and hopefully we will be able to make more amazing memories post-uni. I just know that Amy and I have formed a friendship that will last forever and I don’t think I’ll ever find another friend quite like her! And that’s why she’s my leading lady.

Side note: when we graduate next November, I’ll have to update you all with a photo as I’m honestly so proud of us both for helping each other get through our uni journey, right from the beginning until the very end. Wish us luck for the last few months!

Have you ever experienced a long distance friendship? Who are your leading ladies?

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