My Summer Holiday Essentials

As I have fairly recently just spent a week away in the sun, I thought I would fill you in on some of my summer holiday essentials that I took away with me. We all know we can’t take away our whole wardrobes and our whole makeup collections (despite how much we all want to), so it’s important to make sure you take things that you know you will definitely wear and use. If you’re heading on holiday somewhere hot this summer, then maybe this will help you! Of course I won’t list everything, as I could go on forever, so I’ll just cover a few things I took on holiday that I couldn’t have lived without.

Your Favourite Swimwear // Make sure you feel your absolute best on holiday by taking your favourite bikini or swim suit with you. One of my favourite bikinis has to be the one in my photo above from River Island. Isn’t the print just gorgeous? For a week long holiday, I recommend taking three swimwear pieces with you. That way you can wear your favourite more than once and you’ll also have enough of them to keep you going whilst washing and drying your pieces.

Sunglasses // Protect your eyes whilst looking good by the pool with some gorgeous sunnies. I love sunglasses and I’m often trying them on when I’m out shopping. They make such an amazing accessory and can often really pull an outfit together. Mine are from Topshop (in the photo).

Headphones // Headphones are an absolute lifesaver when travelling. They’re great for when you’re on the plane and especially by the pool. Nothing beats listening to some summer tunes whilst chilling in the hot sun by the pool.

Short Sleeved Tops, Not Just Camis // Cami tops are great on holiday for keeping you cool and for getting into the summer vibe, however when your shoulders are burnt to a crisp then short sleeved tops (and other clothing such as dresses for that matter) come in so handy. I burn so easily on my shoulders, even with sun cream, and I found that wearing short sleeved clothing instead of a cami when I was really burnt helped to protect my shoulders whilst walking around during the day.

3 Day Outfits & 6 Night Outfits // This only applies if you are going away for a week, and of course is a rough guide. For the day time, I took a black and a white cami as these can be mixed and matched with a pair of shorts, as well as a playsuit and a black short sleeved dress. I didn’t wear my day time clothes all that much, as every day was spent by the pool, beach or waterpark, thus most of the day was spent in just my bikini. So, you really don’t need too many outfits and you can easily wear all of them more than once without feeling bad about it.

Tinted Moisturiser // I rarely wear foundation on a summer holiday, I just find it way too heavy. That’s why I love tinted moisturiser so much as it feels so light and fresh on the skin, plus it gives you the most beautiful glow. And, it keeps your skin looking and feeling soft and supple. I used the No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser every single evening on holiday and it worked great for me.

Hair Straighteners // On holiday I just never have the time to let my hair dry naturally, and I would if I could because hotel hair dryers are just absolutely crap. They are so unpowerful and let’s not forget the frizzy curly mess my hair is left in after using them. My hair straighteners are always a life saver anyway, but even more so on holiday as leaving my hair in its natural state is out of the question. On evenings in Mallorca where I couldn’t be bothered to straighten my hair, I put my hair in a fishtail plait. Wearing a fishtail plait was a great way of getting my hair out the way and keeping me cool whilst still looking nice.

A Trusty Nail Polish // A good nail polish is always an essential for a summer holiday, as you don’t really want your nails chipping on the first day. I usually get shellac on my nails for a holiday, but I never got round to getting it done for Mallorca. So I decided to go for the next best option, which was using an Essie polish as they just last so well. Despite how good Essie polishes are, somehow the polish couldn’t quite survive the heat, as the polish actually started to melt and go really tacky towards the end of my holiday, to the point where it went all rubbery and I could easily scrape it off. It was so strange! Nevertheless, Essie is still amazing and I blame it on the heat. On holiday I wore Go Ginza, a pale pink shade, however I think the shade Bikini So Teeny is totally holiday appropriate too, due to both the shade and the name.

Kimono // A kimono jacket was the perfect piece to take on holiday with me for when travelling to and from the airports. It’s very thin so provided me with a bit of warmth whilst departing and arriving in the UK, but more importantly didn’t leave me sweltering in thirty degree Mallorca heat in the airport (and on the sweaty coach transfer, gross). Plus, it can be folded up and put in my hand luggage very easily without taking up too much room.

Sun Cream, After Sun & Toiletries // This is all pretty basic, but still so very important. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell you are burning as the breeze just causes you to not feel it, and it’s so hard to see burn on yourself until you get up to the room at the end of the day. It’s a nightmare! Always reapply sun cream after going in the water especially. After sun was great to calm down the burn and also to keep my skin moisturised. Also, toiletries such as razors are sooo important, and I’m sure you can understand that girls, haha!

Passport, Paperwork, Money, etc // Pretty self explanatory, right? You can’t travel without it!

What are your summer holiday essentials?