My Thoughts On Starting My Final Year of Uni & Career Pressure

I can’t believe I only have one year left in education. After all the great (and not so great) memories from my school days, making new friends and saying goodbye to old ones, getting used to university life and growing up a heck of a lot, it’s fair to say I’ve nearly made it.

NB: it’s gonna be a long one – sorry!¬†

It sounds SO clich√©, but my life has almost been boiling down to this very moment. Education is every young persons norm, through childhood, teenage years and right through to early adulthood. There’s always something next. But this time next year, I would have finished this huge chapter in my life and the world will await – hopefully I’ll have secured or be actively searching for a job.

I’ve had a whole year off uni (I’ve been on a placement year – a post to come) so the fact that I’ve gone without coursework, revision and general ‘uni life’ for an entire year means I’ve kind of forgotten what it feels like. I’m a bit frightened of going back and not being able to fully adjust to doing assignments. Let me tell you, a year of coming home in the evening and having my weekends free of work has been BLISS. But hopefully once I’ve done an assignment or two, I’ll be back into the swing of things.

Because I’ve been on a placement year, some of my uni friends are a year ahead of me because they went straight into final year. It’s been great to get a little insight into what to expect and advice on how to ‘survive final year’ as it were. One of my friends gave me some great advice; he told me to simply make the most of your last ‘care-free’ (minus the coursework ofc) year and make most of the student life. Work hard, but bloody play hard too. I know it’s probably going to be one of the hardest years of my life, but I’m hoping to make it enjoyable as I possibly can be.

Something that I’m finding it hard to accept is that my blog will probably become more neglected in my final year of university. This is my last year of studying, so I want to give it my all by putting my degree first. I absolutely love blogging and it’s the best creative outlet, plus it’s an amazing asset to show to future employers. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get some content up, maybe a bit more over on my Instagram compared to here, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

A huge bonus is that my boyfriend Aaron is graduating this year, so he’ll be living at home and can support me throughout my final year. Knowing that I won’t have the stress and upset of a long distance relationship is going to make university a lot more of an enjoyable experience for me. Simply knowing he only lives down the road just feels oh so good. (Aaron I apologise in advance for any coursework and diss related breakdowns that you will probably witness).

I’ve worked in the real working world this year, but to think that I’ll soon be in it for good is so exciting yet a little bit frightening. There’s a lot of pressure to find a job, because there’s so much competitiveness. And in my opinion, I think there’s a lot of pressure to make a life for yourself in the big city, specifically London. I get it, there’s a huge range of amazing companies based in London with a vast amount of opportunities, but to be frank, London just is not for me. When I tell people I want to stay at home, some people are just like ‘Oh, right.’ Like, they don’t really know what to say.

Due to my anxiety (and just general personality/loving where I live), I’ve always been a home girl and I know that lifestyle would just absolutely ruin me. I know people probably think I’m just turning down great opportunities, but heck there’s more to life than London. There’s some amazing companies and jobs out there closer to home, and just because I don’t live in London does not mean I won’t have a successful career. Throughout my placement year at home I’ve met so many successful and talented people who I feel very privileged to have worked with, which goes to show you can make it anywhere. I just wish some people (definitely not all) would understand that there are opportunities everywhere and certain lifestyles do not suit everyone. Who knows, maybe one day I will work there if Aaron and I both found our dream jobs there, but in reality and for now, we both love it where we are and will go with the flow throughout our careers.

If you’ve made it to this point, give yourself a pat on the back and thank you so much for staying!

Have you recently graduated or will be graduating soon and if so, how do you feel about it? Do you think there is pressure on young people to work in the big city?


xo, Hannah

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