Nails Of The Day #1: Nude & Champagne Glitter

I’ve written reviews of nail polishes that I love on my blog, but I haven’t actually shown you how they look on my nails and the different looks I like to create with my nail polishes. So, I thought it would be a great idea to start a little ‘Nails Of The Day’ series. Whenever I’ve tried to take a photo of my nails I’ve never been that satisfied with the outcome, which is why I’ve avoided posts like this one in the past. But now, I’ve kind of gone past the point of caring as at the end of the day I’m not a hand model, I’m just a beauty blogger who wants to share what’s going on on her nails. So, you’ll have to put up with my very small, pale and slightly dry hands – sorry. 

On my nails today is Barry M’s Hi-Shine Gelly Nail Paint in Lychee, which is the beige toned nude shade that I’ve used for my base. I love these nail polishes from Barry M; they’re definitely the best polishes in their line in my opinion. The formula is glossy and opaque and gives the effect of a gel manicure – for a fraction of the price! I’m all about nude nail polishes, so this one is always a winner for me when I’m looking for something simple and understated, but still classy nonetheless.

Now, I do like to wear a nude polish on its own, however when I painted my nails today I was really feeling like wearing some glitter to add some sparkle and make my nails pop. To do that, I applied Rimmel’s Space Dust Nail Polish in Aurora, which is a gorgeous glittery champagne shade. It’s a fairly opaque shade with a textured finish as opposed to a clear polish with big chunky glitter running through it, so you can wear this shade on its own as well, which is great. I decided to apply this polish on the tips of my nails just under half way down my nail, adding just the right amount of sparkle so the nude base is still visible. 

This nail look is a bit different for me and it’s definitely something I’ll be trying out again – especially with these two shades as I think they go together beautifully. 

What’s on your nails today? Have you tried the nail polishes from this look?