The Gradual Tanners I’m Using To Top Up My Holiday Tan

Since coming back from my holiday away in the sun, the weather here in the UK hasn’t exactly lived up to the weather Mallorca had to offer. This obviously means that my tan is going to fade a lot quicker than I would like it to. Who am I kidding, why do tans have to fade at all? I want to stay bronzed and glowy forever! That’s where these two gradual tanners come in to make sure my holiday tan is nicely topped up. 

The St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tanner in Medium is the one I have been using most often since getting back from Mallorca, as it really does build up the colour slowly and, in my experience, leaves no patches whatsoever. I also absolutely love the concept of applying it in the shower. You wash yourself as normal, then turn the shower off and apply to the skin when wet. It lathers ever so slightly so you can see exactly where you’re applying it, which I think is amazing because it ensures you don’t miss a spot. Once you’ve applied it, you wait for three minutes before turning the shower back on and rinsing it off. It can get a little chilly standing without the shower on for three minutes, haha, but it could be way worse and at the end of the day I know I’m going to be golden and glowy, so it’s definitely worth it. The shade of this tan looks so natural and golden on my skin and develops within around half a day to a day, which is pretty good going. When it is developing, I do get the odd whiff of that classic fake tan smell, but once the tan has settled down it does fade away. Despite that, the best thing about this product is that there’s no waiting around for the tan to dry before you get dressed, because all of the residue is washed off in the shower – result! 

I have also been loving the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser (what a mouthful). This stuff really is gradual tanner at its finest, as I’ve never used a gradual tanner that develops so quickly. Within about two to three hours of applying it, I can clearly notice a difference in my skin tone and can see that I am already starting to look tanned. On the first day I ever used it, I was so amazed, as I had never experienced this sort of speed with a gradual tanner before. In terms of the pigmentation of the tan, this stuff really has got it. It gives me such a beautiful golden glow, however is a little more intense than the St Tropez tan. As it is a little more intense and is a lotion formula, it doesn’t lather on the skin so when using it I do need to be very careful to ensure I haven’t missed any spots, as there’s nothing worse than looking patchy. In my experience this tan does cling a little more around the elbows, wrists, knees and ankles, but I will carry on practising with my application skills! A bonus to this gradual tanner is the smell. The cocoa butter formula creates an amazing aroma of chocolate on the skin upon application – it’s divine.

That’s how I keep myself looking bronzed and tanned throughout the rainy summer we’re currently having, but what tanning products do you use? Have you tried either of these gradual tanners?