The Monthly Catch Up: June

June was a pretty good month for me. It was the first month of freedom after finishing my first year of uni, and I can’t believe how quick it went! The first day of June started off with my one and only uni exam (I felt so lucky to only have one, some of my friends at different unis had four or five). It was a nerve-wracking start to June, but once the clock hit 4pm, I was free and began celebrating! 

At the beginning of the month, I went to a music festival for my friend’s birthday. A lot of the music was drum and bass, which I do like to listen to every now and again, and the atmosphere was really good. The highlights of the day were definitely Annie Mac and High Contrast; they were both amazing. The weather was gorgeous too which made the day even better.

As you may have seen on my blog, in June I went on holiday to Mallorca with my boyfriend Aaron. It was the most amazing week and it was so nice to get away and have a break on our own. I won’t go into too much detail, as I’ve already written all about our holiday in my post here, so if you’re interested in what we got up to then head on over to that post and have a little read. I have to say though, that frozen strawberry daiquiri I had at one of the bars in Mallorca was seriously amazing. I mentioned strawberry daiquiri’s in my last monthly catch up post, hahaha, I’ve definitely got an obsession with them! I’ve also given you a little sneak peak of the gorgeous beaches if you haven’t already seen my holiday post.

After getting back from my holiday, I spent a lot of time with Aaron and our friends. We’ve also been out clubbing a bit recently which has been so fun too, apart from the hangover I had after one night out. It was not fun at all! I also spent an evening with some of my oldest school friends, which was such a laugh (this actually happened on the first day of July, but as this post is a little late I thought I would write about it anyway). We got takeaway and laughed until our stomachs hurt, it was the best! I made these yummy rice krispie cakes to take with me on that night too, and my friends all loved them. 

What have you been up to lately?