The Monthly Catch Up: May

It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged, hasn’t it? As I said in my last post, if I wasn’t posting then it meant I was probably revising, and of course that is why I haven’t been around these parts for a while! I finished all of my uni assignments and had one exam to go until first year was officially over, so I wanted to put all my time and effort into making sure I could do as well as possible in the exam. Hopefully I’ve done enough, but on a brighter note let me tell you how good it feels to be completely free. No assignment work, no exams, no revision. Ahhhh bliss. I thought I’d get back into writing posts with a little monthly catch up. 

At the start of May, Aaron came home from uni to visit for the weekend, which was actually his last weekend visit before he came home for summer. It felt so so strange knowing that we had done a whole (academic) year of long distance, to us it feels like the year has flown by! We went on a cute little date night, which we try to do every once and a while, as it’s just so nice to be able to spend some quality time together. We went to the cinema to see Bad Neighbours 2, which was pretty good, and then went to Prezzo for dinner, which was absolutely delicious.

By the middle of May I had completed both of my last two uni assignments, which were both pretty nerve wracking, as they were both presentations! Presentations are always a bit scary due to the fear of messing up your lines or forgetting what to say altogether, but luckily they both seemed to go okay. 

I also got my hair cut this month, which was definitely well needed. I hadn’t had it cut since December, so I was going on for nearly half a year without getting a chop! When I rang for an appointment, I was told that my regular stylist had recently quit hairdressing, which immediately caused me to panic because I always get attached to hairdressers and the way they do my hair. Luckily, I was offered a new stylist at the same salon and she cut my hair just as good as my old stylist and I love the way my hair looks now. I had a good bit taken off the length and my layers put back in, and it just in general feels so much more bouncy and healthy now. 

A few days after my haircut, Aaron came home from uni, and not just for a weekend this time, but for summer! It feels so good to know that he’s going to be only two minutes around the corner for a whole four months (nearly). To celebrate, my best friend Amy and I, Aaron and her boyfriend all went out on a double date. We went to a cocktail bar on the beach and then spontaneously went clubbing too, which was good fun. Amy and I had these huge frozen strawberry daiquiris. The lady at the bar seemed to take a liking to Aaron, so when she prepared my drink (which he ordered), she made it so much bigger than usual and moulded it into a big fancy shape. Perks of having a gorgeous boyfriend, eh? Hahaha, I’ll stop with the soppiness now. You can see in the photo that my drink is overflowing, and the fancy shape that the lady at the bar made quickly melted into a slushy mess in time for the photo. Pretty funny.

The rest of the month was spent revising hard, as you can see from the endless pages of revision notes, and then taking afternoon breaks so I didn’t get too stressed out, which were often spent down the beach with Aaron. We went and played crazy golf down the beach one afternoon last week and it was so lovely and hilarious fun. It’s always fun to have a bit of flirty competition, and it’s a good laugh too, especially as I’m so crap at it. I lost, which you probably could have guessed from my previous sentence, haha.

That’s about it for May. I’m so excited for the rest of June as the summer holidays have finally arrived (for me anyway). Aaron and I are going on holiday a week today which should be amazing, so I am sure you will hear all about that here on my blog once we get back!

What did you get up to in May?