The Revolution Beauty Concealer That’s Changed The Game

I’m a little late to jump on the bandwagon with this one, but BOY am I glad I  finally did…

To be fair, it took me so long to get on the bloomin’ bandwagon because every time I went into my local Superdrug, it was ALWAYS sold out! I had one of those ‘angels singing and a light shining down on me’ moments when I was shopping in Superdrug in Bath last week. I was just browsing and I thought, ooo, I wonder if they’ve got the concealer, kind of laughing to myself because who was I kidding – this baby just loves to be sold out. And OH MY GOD they actually had it in stock. ONE left in my shade. It was obviously fate, so I picked it up and pretty much ran to the till.

That’s right everyone, it’s the Revolution Beauty Conceal & Define Concealer. Move over Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, which I now think breaks me out after a bit of trial and error, this concealer is moving in. I’d read so much online about this concealer, so I had a pretty good feeling that I was going to like it. But I have to tell you, this concealer just blows everything out of the water. It just seems to tick every single box for me.

To get the ball rolling, let’s talk about the shade range. I bought shade C1, which is the lightest shade, and it matches my pale skin (with pink pigmentation) perfectly. It’s a neutral shade, which I really like. It’s not too yellow and it’s not too pink; it’s a great mix of both (swatch image below, please excuse my dry, pale hands!) I think there around 18+ shades, which I think is amazing for a highstreet concealer. It’s great to see a brand catering for a diverse range of skin tones.

For the most part, I’ve been applying this concealer on top of one of my favourite foundations, L’Oreal’s True Match. It is incredibly easy to apply. The doe foot applicator is pretty large, making it very easy to cover all areas of my face, with minimal dips back into the tube. I’ve never had a concealer with an applicator this big, but I have to say, I’m living for it.

The consistency of this product is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been blending it in with both a buffing brush and a Real Techniques sponge, and both give amazing and quick results. It doesn’t go patchy, cling to dry patches and most importantly it actually covers blemishes and redness; I’d say it’s definitely a matte high coverage concealer, however it doesn’t look drying at all. The blending process is so seamless and creates that ‘melting into the skin’ kind of look. I get a lot of pesky redness on the lower parts of my cheeks near my jaw and it does a superb job at covering it, which is great because I often find it hard to cover these areas. Win, win!

In terms of longevity, it does pretty well. It doesn’t go really patchy and my under eye area still looks good at the end of the day. I always find my makeup wears off when I’m at work, because I often lean on my face with my hands, plus I eat and drink on and off all day. The first places are usually around my nose and on my chin. I have to admit, the coverage does wear off a bit, but this happens with most concealers I use because I’m wearing them without touch ups for 9 hours at a time. When I did touch it up after work the other evening, it applied over amazingly well and didn’t go ridiculously cakey, so I’d say that was a success, as with other concealers I can just end up a huge cakey mess. However, when I wore this concealer to a party one night last week, I used my UD All Nighter setting spray, and my base stayed flawless all night. So for me, it really depends on what I’m doing and how I’ve applied it!

All in all though, I have to say this concealer is an absolute steal and definitely a new favourite of mine. It does what it says on the tin, the packaging is super pretty (I’m loving the rose gold) and most importantly… it’s £4?!?! My mind is blown. So many people are saying that it’s a great dupe for Tarte’s Shape Tape, but for the price of it, I think I will stick to the Revolution one for now!

Have you tried the Revolution Beauty Conceal & Define Concealer? Do you think it’s worth the hype?