What It’s Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship is one of those things I didn’t think I’d ever experience. When Aaron and I first started talking, I discovered that we’d actually chosen the same university as our first choice – what a coincidence! We finished our A Level exams around about the same time of becoming an official couple, so all that was left to do was enjoy summer and anxiously wait for the results – and hope that we’d both done enough. Two months later, results day arrived, which also happened to be my 18th birthday. What are the bloody chances eh? And yes, you know what’s coming next. I got in, but Aaron didn’t. It hit me like a ton of bricks that he was going to move away from me, as his second choice uni isn’t close to home. I felt so scared as I thought that this might mean things would have to change between us. But, he told me straight away that he loved me too much to not make it work, and I was 110% willing to make it work too. We’re just over half the way through our first year of university now, and we’re stronger than ever. I thought I’d share with you my experience so far of being in a long distance relationship, as I love reading posts like this and some of you may be able to relate to this sort of thing.

Saying goodbye all the time is something that’s very hard to get used to // Of course saying hello is always much easier than saying goodbye, but this especially applies when in a long distance relationship. Aaron and I try to see each other around every two weeks or so, which means every two weeks we have to say goodbye. The goodbye is always hard. Watching him walk away knowing I won’t see him for a little while really is a kick in the stomach. It hurts. I never want that last hug to end, but it has to. 

Crying becomes a bit more of a regular thing // I’m quite a sensitive person so being in a long distance relationship does get the water works flowing a bit more often than usual. When Aaron leaves me after a lovely few days together, I will have a good long cry. There’s no point in holding it in, right? It sounds so miserable and horrible, but it is the truth. Some days I will feel down and quite lonely and all I want to do is give him a huge cuddle, but of course I can’t, which can be so frustrating and upsetting.

You will appreciate your time together so much more // Not seeing Aaron on a daily basis makes me, and him, appreciate our time together a heck of a lot more. We love to do special things together when we see each other, which might be going on a long walk, going to the cinema or even heading out for a lovely evening meal. Even the little things feel so much more special, like watching a film with popcorn whilst having a good snuggle. I really do realise how lucky I am when Aaron comes home or I go to visit him; the feeling of being reunited is simply indescribable. 

You miss absolutely everything about them // Not being able to simply hold Aaron’s hand, touch his face or give him a kiss is so hard at times. I even miss the smell of his aftershave – when I first see him after a while there’s nothing better than nuzzling into his chest and breathing in the smell of it. It sounds so strange haha but if you can relate you’ll understand what I mean. 

Skype becomes your best friend // Aaron and I message all day every day, but there’s just something that extra bit more special about seeing his face and hearing his voice. That’s why Skype comes in handy. We don’t Skype hugely often, but keeping the video calls limited helps them to feel even more special. If we plan to Skype in the evening, I will look forward to it all day and it will instantly make my day feel brighter. I love our Skype video calls, we always have such a laugh and it’s the perfect opportunity to have a good catch up. 

You travel a lot more than you used to // I’m not a very confident driver, so the coach is the next best option to go and visit Aaron. Now, the coach is a long four and a half hours, but let me tell you it’s so bloody well worth it. I have a coachcard so I can get the coach for a much cheaper price, which is so great and helps me to save a lot more money. I do get quite bad travel anxiety, but I always try to be brave and try to remember the reason I am travelling in the first place. I often listen to audio books to help pass the time and distract myself from getting nervous whilst being on the coach. And let me tell you once I’m there, all of the nerves fade away and I feel happier than ever.

It’s all about trust // There’s no doubt that I trust Aaron completely. There isn’t a reason not to. It’s probably one of the best things about our relationship; we have absolutely amazing trust and it’s so special to have that between us. Now don’t get me wrong being apart from Aaron is so hard, but when he goes out with his uni friends, I feel happy, positive and most importantly I feel like I can trust him. I know Aaron loves me more than anything, and visa versa, so there’s no reason not to trust each other when we’re far apart.

So, there you go. Long distance relationships are hard at times, but they can work if you and your loved one both put your minds and hearts to it. Don’t let anyone tell you that they never work, it’s a load of crap. The work has to come from you, and if you’re prepared to put it in, then there’s no reason why it won’t work out. 

Are you in a long distance relationship? Have you been in one previously, or are you going to be in one soon? Do you have any tips or experiences to share? Let me know below! I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts on this and whether you found this interesting or not.