Where Have I Been? Getting the Job, Celebrations, Spring Walks & More

So, what have I been up to?

Well, quite a lot actually. Uni has been non-stop for the past three or four months – second year is definitely a big step up. I’ve now just finished my second year of uni and am free for summer, yay! But in between all of the uni stress, some good things have happened.

Firstly, you might remember me briefly mentioning the fact that I had to find a university work placement. After a knock back from another company, which hit me HARD as I got down to the final two candidates, I finally secured a work placement with an amazing company that I am beyond excited to work for. So, in September, I officially become a Marketing Assistant for a whole year – ahhh! Saying that makes me feel so grown up, lol. I knew how upset I’d be again if I didn’t get this job, so I literally worked my arse off to make sure my portfolio and the work they asked me to prepare was absolutely spot on. And it obviously paid off, and I cannot tell you the relief I felt when I got offered the position! Best feeling EVER.

I don’t have the privilege of a photographer to take cute candid photos of me. But, during the Easter holidays me and Aaron went on quite a few walks and took a few photos. The photos weren’t planned for a blog post as such; recently we’ve been playing around with the depth effect/portrait mode on his iPhone 7 plus, and I absolutely love the results it gives. I so badly want the feature to come to the regular iPhone 7’s as I think a plus will look so weird in my tiny hands! But it makes the photos look so professional, don’t you think?!

Oh look, me again!^ I really love my outfits in these photos. I’ve been enjoying wearing my Spring /Summer clothes again. Goodbye jumpers, hello t-shirts! Plus, my newfound body confidence (after now losing a whole stone!) has made me feel so much better about myself when it comes to styling and wearing outfits. Random, but this leather jacket from Topshop has probably lasted me nearly five years, and it’s still holding up! Such a good staple piece.

Whilst day walks are fun, evening walks whilst the sun sets is one of my fave things about Spring and Summer. This photo makes me feel so lucky to live so close to the sea. I feel like I take it for granted so much. Just look at that beaut sunset…need I say more?!

These are the beautiful roses that Aaron surprised me with for Valentines day (and the first bunch of flowers he ever bought me) so I thought I should document it. Throughout our whole relationship we’ve always had banter about how he thinks flowers are pointless because they die so quickly (boy logic) yet I still continue to strongly hint that it would be nice to receive some. So for Valentines Day, he arranged for these to arrive at my door and I was so surprised and happy. Being in a long distance relationship and not being able to spend time together on certain occasions is difficult but these made my day.

Fast forward a bit of time…to my university Summer Ball that was only yesterday! It was honestly the best day, despite the fact my feet are absolutely killing today. Chase and Status headlined and they were amazing – take me back! Our university does fancy dress instead of the traditional ballgowns, but it’s all part of the fun! Above are photos of me and my best friend Amy, plus Aaron and Amy’s boyfriend Dan. Yesterday was actually the last time Amy and I are going to see each other for a little while now, as second year of uni is over so she’s gone home for summer. But, we are also both starting our placement years in September and will be apart for a whole year. It didn’t fully sink in until last night and this morning but I’m honestly going to miss her so much; I keep getting so emotional. We’re pretty much the same person. We can talk to each other about absolutely anything. I’m really going to miss having my best friend around all the time, it’s so sad 🙁 Will definitely be visiting each other lots and lots as we cannot bear being apart!

Sorry if this post seems a bit random and all over the place but I thought a photo diary would be nice to show you what I’ve been up to. Hopefully I will be posting a lot more now because of my lack of uni work!

What have you been up to lately? Have you just finished university for the summer? What are your plans?