Why Does The Changing Of The Seasons Make Us Panic Buy?

Does The Changing Of The Seasons Make Us Panic Buy?

I’ve wanted to write this post for a few weeks now, but felt especially inspired to write it after choosing my dissertation idea and also after purchasing Victoria’s (aka In the Frow) amazing new book ‘The New Fashion Rules’ – thinking of doing a review on this when I’ve given it a proper read!

When I had to start thinking of what topic I wanted to do my dissertation on, it was actually a time where I was buying quite a few new clothes. It was the start of Autumn and I found myself thinking, oh my god, why do I have no clothes? Which is totally untrue, I do have clothes, and quite a lot actually, but I just felt like what I had wasn’t good enough. This is what inspired my idea, as I really want to know WHY we panic buy and whether social media has an impact in this.

Does The Changing Of The Seasons Make Us Panic Buy?

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It’s quite sad when you go through a patch of not loving a lot of the clothes you’re wearing. I think it’s because when one season ends and another begins, you tend to forget what’s actually in your wardrobe ready for the coming season because you’ve been wearing last seasons clothes for so long.

We seem to panic buy because we actually forget what we’ve got lurking in the back of our wardrobes, at least I do. A really good way to get around this is to go through all your clothes you had from the previous Autumn and Winter, and try loads of things on. Get rid of anything that you just don’t ‘love’ yourself in anymore. If you put it on and don’t immediately love it, chances are you won’t wear it. Donate it to charity or sell it at a car boot sale!

Does The Changing Of The Seasons Make Us Panic Buy?

I also think we now live in a world where we are all influencing each other to buy things. We have so much more access to fashion than ever before, which of course is going to increase our purchases. We’re always sharing the things we’ve got our eye on and the things we’ve recently bought, whether that’s in wish list blog posts, haul videos or on Instagram stories. That swipe up link (that a lot of us don’t have, lol -10K follower problems) can definitely make us panic buy way more. We see something we love and immediately think that we won’t feel content unless we have it, regardless of whether we’ve already got something fairly similar.

The best thing to do is take a step back, and only buy things that will really make you happy. Instead of panic buying every jumper that you see, try to see what you’ve already got in your wardrobe and figure out how you’d style this new piece.

I also find that a lot of outfits can look different with different things, for example a different coat can completely mix an outfit up again. I almost prefer buying coats and jackets to jumpers, because they have that ability to make a look more sophisticated or more casual, whilst also being one of the important things in our wardrobes this season – purely because they keep us warm!

Does The Changing Of The Seasons Make Us Panic Buy?

This is a topic I’m really interested in and I’m hoping to become a bit more of an expert in the topic as I embark on my dissertation, and through reading The New Fashion Rules! I’d love to know what you all think on this too.

PS: What do you think of my new pink fluffy coat of dreams?! I’m a bit obsessed.

Do you find yourself panic buying at the beginning of a new season? If so, do you know why?

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